Story Shed

Help Us Complete the Magical Story Shed!

Dear  Community,

In the heart of our lively children's community garden lies a hidden treasure - the Story Shed! This enchanting place has captured the hearts of our young gardeners, becoming a sanctuary where creativity and imagination know no bounds. However, we need your help to complete this wondrous project and turn it into a dream come true.

Gareth Cooze, a gifted builder with a heart of gold, has joined us in this adventure. Together, we've been tirelessly working to transform the forgotten old shed into a place where stories come alive, where young minds find inspiration, and where the magic of storytelling weaves its spell.

We were turned down for numerous grants to compete the Story Shed, which needs a little more love and care to withstand the winter's chill. With your kind donations and support, we can make it a warm and welcoming space, ready to nurture the dreams of our children and community.

Our current hurdle is securing the resources needed to insulate the walls and install a magical wood-burning stove. We've been holding fundraisers, working hard to bring this cherished project to completion, but we have yet to receive the funds we anticipated.

Today, we reach out to you, our wonderful community, to lend a helping hand. Your support means the world to us, and any contribution, big or small, will bring us closer to our goal. Here are some ways you can be a part of this magical journey:

  1. Financial Donations: Your generous contributions will go directly towards insulating the walls and installing the beautiful wood-burning stove that will keep the Story Shed warm and cozy during winter's embrace. donations can be made via GOFUNDME

  2. Spreading the Word: Share our story and our fundraising efforts with friends, family, and anyone who might be captivated by this enchanting project. The more people who know about it, the closer we come to our dream.

Join us in creating a legacy that will inspire generations to come. Let us come together and build a haven where the magic of stories ignites the flames of imagination. With your help, the children of our community will be forever grateful for the adventures and dreams that unfold within the walls of the Magical Story Shed.

Thank you for being an integral part of this extraordinary journey. Together, we can make this magical vision a reality.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Sligo Children's Community Garden


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