We wish to provide a space to regrow community bonds and facilitate children's education in the outdoors. We host family days and parent/carer and toddler groups in our poly tunnel, and reach out to marginalised members of the community. We also offer limited family memberships.

An annual membership fee for each family is 25euro as of 2023


Membership Application form:

Simply download this pdf for more info and application form.

Download application form & info sheet


Pay membership online:

Make a payment to the Sligo Childrens Community Garden Pay Pal account.

Pay membership fee via paypal





We want to help people to garden using organic principles, to consider biodiversity and food waste, and to live more co-sufficient lifestyles with an emphasis on social, community and therapeutic gardening. Providing a safe space for families and children to learn, play and grow through the medium of gardening, our aim is to continue to be a valuable member of the community and promote positive mental health for families with a focus on sustainability and biodiversity, and facilitating learning.

We also wish to remind people of the importance of getting our hands in soil. To enjoy  both the physical and mental wellbeing which comes from being in nature, and the simple joy, yet essential life skill, of growing food. With a huge focus on the importance of taking the time to enjoy being together as a community. 


Opening hours and Access


An annual membership fee for each family is 25euro.

To help develop our community garden there shall be a job list in the poly tunnel and we ask all families when visiting the poly tunnel to all help a little with the tasks to build your children's garden. If you have a particular skill set or would like to see some project developed, please chat or email our committee.



We have a weekly Mucky Monday Tots Group from 10.30 - 12

Members Fire Session 3 - 5 First Wednesday of the month

Planned Members events and projects- invitations will be sent


There are a few terms and conditions to be reviewed by all members and signed, such as family details, parental consent, GDPR, 


Information and policies for your consideration before becoming member:


Parents and carers must look after their own children. Children must be accompanied to the toilet by the parent or the adult nominated by the parent. Parents and carers are asked to play an active role in the group, fun is not just for the young. Safety is the responsibility of all the adults attending the session

As the outdoor ‘classroom’ wind can be a dangerous element due to potential falling branches, our Weather Policy states: 'if strong winds (measuring over 5 on the Beaufort scale or above 30-38kph) or thunder and lightening, are present session will not take place in the woodland and play in the forest will be prohibited.