Intergenerational Project

Sligo Children’s Community Garden


‘Creating bonds with the children, through the sharing of story and tale.’

Community Foundation for Ireland funded the podcast project with the wise ones from the Cranmore women group and artist Ruth Le Gear.

In collaboration with the Community Foundation for Ireland, this podcast project weaves together the voices and experiences of the wise ones from the Cranmore Women's Group and the youthful spirits of the Sligo Children's Community Garden. Artist Ruth Le Gear, in partnership with these groups, brings to life a mosaic of shared wisdom and intergenerational dialogue.

Our project flourishes within the nurturing spaces of the Cranmore Women's Garden and the Sligo Children’s Community Garden. Here, amidst the blossoms and greenery, stories of growth, nature, and the seamless passage of knowledge between generations are collected and cherished.

Through this initiative, we celebrate the invaluable insights of the wise ones and the fresh perspectives of the wee ones, fostering a sense of community and continuity that transcends age. Together, we cultivate a garden not only of plants but of shared experiences, enriching both our present and future.


Origins of Sligo Children's Community Garden

Bealtaine Fire

Generational Calm

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