Seed Grant - Irish Hospice Foundation


Compost: Death, Decay, and Re-birth  

Irish Hospice Foundation wants to inspire and support the work of groups, organisations or individuals who wish to mark in some tangible way their response to the universal realities of dying, death, and bereavement.

SCCG has recived a Seed Grant from the IHF to work with the children of the garden around ideas of Death, Decay, and Re-birth  

Environmental artist Ruth Le Gear will use the wonders of composting as a means to explore the cycle of life with young children involved in Sligo Children’s Community Garden. Together they will build new compost beds, grow mushrooms, and establish a wormery. Compost from the new beds will also be used in the garden for growing plants, vegetables and fruit from seed. Results will be chronicled using notebooks, photography, and film. It is intended these activities, along with story-telling, will help the children learn more about plants, insects, and the seasons, as well as appreciate the value of natural decay and its potential for growth and self-sufficiency.